What do I do when my child get’s a foreign body in their nose?


Curious young children may insert small objects into their nose in a normal attempt to explore their own bodies. Objects placed in the nose may include food, seeds, dried beans, small toys (such as marbles), crayon pieces, erasers, paper wads, cotton, beads, button batteries, and disc magnets. A foreign body in a child's nose can be there for a while without a parent being aware of the problem. The object may only be discovered when visiting an ENT specialist, in this case, Prodigy ENT and Hearing Clinic, to find the cause of irritation, bleeding, infection, or difficulty breathing.

While often harmless, this can create a choking hazard and put your child in danger of serious injuries or infections. Children under the age of five often have this issue. But it’s not uncommon for older children to place foreign objects in their nostrils. Make an appointment with our ENT specialists if you suspect your child has something in their nose but you can’t see it. At the appointment, our doctors will ask your child to lay back while they look into your child’s nose with a hand-held lighted instrument. If your child is displaying these symptoms, make an appointment with our ENT specialists at Prodigy ENT and Hearing Clinic to help remove this foreign object.

  • Nasal Drainage - This drainage may be clear, gray, or bloody
  • Breathing Difficulty - Your child may make whistling noises when breathing through their nose

Our ENT specialists may swab nasal discharge and have it tested for the presence of bacteria. To make your child more comfortable, the doctor may place a topical anesthetic (spray or drops) inside the nose to slightly numb the area. Prior to the removal procedure, the doctor may also apply a drug that helps to prevent a nosebleed. Our ENT specialists may prescribe antibiotics or nasal drops to treat or prevent an infection.

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