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Nose and mouth care


We are glad you have continued reading our informative articles, how about getting to know ore about infections that disturb your nose and mouth? We have highlighted few of them,


Many people often mistake a sinus problem with a cold or symptoms of allergies. Because these conditions often mimic each other, it is best to visit an ear, nose and throat specialist if you are prone to sinus infections.

Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose is a condition that doctors call nasal congestion, and it can be caused by several things. Although most people think they have a cold when they get a stuffy nose, this symptom can occur from a number of health conditions. With a stuffy nose, the membranes of the nasal passages get inflamed from excess mucus or from an irritating element.

Loss of Smell

The loss of smell is called anosmia. For most people, the loss of smell begins to deteriorate after the age of 60, and the majority of elderly people lose their sense of smell almost completely. Mouth and nose specialists report that the ability to smell is at its peak between the ages of 30 and 60. In addition, women have a better sense of smell than men do.

Nose Bleeds

A nose bleed is called epistaxis, and this is a fairly common condition. If you have ever had a nose bleed, you probably did not even realize that only one nostril was bleeding. The blood comes from the tissue that lines the inside of the nostrils. Nosebleeds are more common in people who live in dry climates, and they occur more often during the winter months.


Snoring is caused by the vibrating movement of the uvula and the soft palate that is located in the roof of the mouth. The uvula is the small mass of tissue that hangs down from the middle of the soft palate. When a person sleeps, the uvula and the soft palate relax and vibrating movements occur, causing the snoring sound. Approximately, 40 percent of men snore, and only 30 percent of women snore. Doctors are not sure why more men snore than women do.

Problems with the tongue

There are more common problems of the tongue than you can probably imagine. While most are not serious, a few can require medical attention. More often than not, parents will look at their child’s tongue and panic when they see it is bright red in color. Of course, the parent did not realize that five minutes ago the child ate a red Popsicle at daycare.

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