Can hearing be regained?

Hearing loss

Can hearing be regained?

When people first experience hearing loss, they’re eager to know whether their hearing function can be regained. In most cases, the cause of your hearing loss will determine what treatment is appropriate and whether you can regain your natural hearing function. 

In order to assess the extent of your hearing loss and the cause of the issue, your audiologist will conduct several non-invasive tests. Along with your medical history, this will enable your audiologist to assess the cause of your hearing issues and make a comprehensive diagnosis.

Recovering from temporary hearing loss

There are some conditions which can have a temporary impact on your hearing function. If you have a moderate or severe ear infection, you may notice that your hearing is affected. As infection normally affects only one ear, it is usually only the hearing function is one ear that is impaired too.

In addition to this, a buildup of earwax can prevent you from hearing clearly. Although earwax is natural and essential to the proper functioning of the ear, an excess amount can cause your ears to feel full or blocked. When this happens, sounds may be muffled and you may struggle to hear as well as you normally do. Indeed, anything blocking the ear canal can have an impact on your ability to hear. When water becomes trapped inside the ear, it can cause temporary hearing loss. 

In some cases, temporary hearing loss can occur as a side-effect of medication. If are taking medicine for another, unrelated condition and your hearing loss coincides with the time you began the course of treatment, it’s possible that it is an unwanted side-effect of the medication.

When hearing loss is temporary and caused by a secondary, identifiable issue, there is a good chance your hearing function is regained. By resolving the initial problem, your audiologist can help you to regain your hearing. Depending on the specific cause of your temporary hearing loss, the treatment of an ear infection, earwax removal or a change in medication could restore your hearing.

Treating permanent hearing loss

As one of the most common health problems affecting Americans, permanent hearing loss is extremely prevalent. While there are various causes and types of hearing loss, it’s often associated with aging. As you get older, the sensory cells within the ear experience wear and tear. This affects their function and often results in gradual hearing loss.

When hearing loss is caused due to aging or trauma, such as exposure to loud noises, it cannot usually be reversed. In such cases, you can’t regain your natural hearing function, but you can access effective treatment. 

Once your audiologist has diagnosed hearing loss, he or she will provide advice regarding appropriate treatments. With the right hearing aids, your hearing function can be regained. Although your natural function won’t improve, hearing aids will restore your ability to hear, minimize the impact of hearing loss and enable you to function normally.

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